Concert: Kari Jobe's The Garden

10:48 PM

Hello world! Sorry for not posting for a while >.< School has been a bit crazy since teachers are trying to wrap things up before Easter break. I have three tests and a paper due before the blessed break but as always, I decide to procrastinate instead of doing work. 

This past Sunday (April 3), I got to go to Kari Jobe's concert at the House of Blues in Boston and it was absolutely mind-blowing. I haven't been to an official concert (technically) before so I was super pumped to just have that experience. 

Words cannot really express all the emotions and thoughts that were running through my head during the concert. Being a pretty quiet and reserved person, the sheer volume of the sound was a bit unsettling at first and I spent the opening acts more focused on making sure my heart wasn't going to explode than the music.

However, I got used it afterwards and from there it was just a whirlwind experience. The music was so amazing and empowering and the whole setting of being in a room with all of these people was honestly just so exhilarating. 

There were moments when I felt a bit claustrophobic with all the people around me since we got tickets for the floor and sometimes I ended up staring at the screens on the side meant for people on the upper floors. However, I did manage to find a small window while she was giving her testimony about the inspiration behind the album.

Honestly, this whole day was just so surreal. Some of my favorite songs from the album (if anyone wants to check it out) is: Heal Our Land, Let Your Glory Fall, and The Cause of Christ.

Of course, I couldn't end this post with a quick mention of where I grabbed "linner" before hand because it's one of the cutest places ever. I ordered a tomato beef friend rice and my friend ordered sesame fried noodles. The portions are pretty good for the price and it has a bunch of different types of food from various Asian cultures at a relatively decent price.

All right, there's my little food plug-in for the post. Let me know if you've listened to The Garden album and if you've been to a concert, what was your experience like?

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