Haul: Colourpop x Hello Kitty

9:05 PM

Hello world! Today I've got another haul to share with you guys (again). I picked up my first Colourpop Super Shock eyeshadows a couple of weeks ago while Colourpop was having a free shipping sale. I've been wanting to try these for a while but never really got around to them until now. I ended up picking up part of the Colourpop x Hello Kitty collection since they were on sale so I managed to get free shipping and a deal. :)
I love the packaging of the eyeshadows and since I own more palettes than single eyeshadows, I admit that I was pretty fascinated by the feel of holding them in my hands. The package also came with a super cute card which looks absolutely adorable and it's so nice that they include one in every package (at least, I remember getting one in my last purchase years ago.)

From left to right: Small Gift (Metallic), Juicy Apple (Glitter), Friendship File (Metallic)

One of the coolest things about these shadows are the texture which I'm sure you've heard everyone talk about. Out of all three, Friendship File definitely had the most "jelly-like" texture that I've heard about and it definitely surprised me when I first swatched the colors. 

I'm not sure how clearly the colors are showing up but all the colors are super wearable. When I first saw swatches of Small Gift, it looked so bold and intense that I was a bit scared but the shadow blends so nicely to create a soft pink that's great for a base shade.

Overall, I'm really impressed by these and have been loving them a lot. I'll definitely be saving up to pick up a couple more of Colourpop's shadows in the future and hopefully try out a couple ones that aren't limited edition because these are just so pretty it's sad to know that they won't be available anymore. 

Also, if you'd like to see how I've been using these eyeshadows let me know and I'll try to see if I can work out an easy tutorial in a future post. :)

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